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I owe it to you, brother.

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Congratulations on another blockbuster post! Fantastic.

Thank you

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Vote early, vote often.

“Joe Biden” thanks you. (Or at least, his reptilian handlers do.)

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If honesty ever becomes the norm again we may see change. Until then honest folks can't get on ballots and the lobbyists/corporation will continue to loot and plunder each of us.

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The American revolution was actively supported & fought by 3% of the population at that time supposedly, with approximately 40% considering themselves loyalists. Considering the inhabitants of today, at best poorly informed & fat figuratively

( and literally) what percentage could make that kind of difference ? Being a "legacy american" I am pessimistic that an actual change relieing on honest elections is possible.

In my estimation it would take sweeping changes with likely blood spilled, possibly a lot of it. Attempting to correct the course or staying on the same heading circling the drain , in the long run what choice results in a better outcome?

, Either way chaos and violence is in the cards.

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