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Well good morning to you too TLD,

Kidding. S has HTF already, and has been rolling along with the repeal of the

Glass-Steagall Act. Big Banks are casinos now knowing they are "too big to fail".

Billions are offered to the MIC but few dollars go there, only after all others all

others have gotten their cut. Remember $800. hammers?

My man was on his way to S. Dakota (job prospect) when he detoured to WI Capitol

for a memorial for the 12 Rugby team members that died suddenly over the last year.

The Mr. played the game against those men many times and knows them all. Mostly

all, as some were much younger. Jabbed?

I heard a rumor that the civil war in Sudan involved the US/interventions. Is it true?

That has been the MO for "contractors" all over the world.

EMP then nukes from fed up other nations could be in the offing. Or massive CW11

breaking out in big cities due to fostered racial strife/or at least riots/especially riots

over food depletion. The present corruption operating in most spheres is very

pervasive, deep and shedding all over the place. Both psychotic and satanic

behavior is evident wherever one examines the institutions. The dangers will come from

both the disadvantaged, and the disenfranchised as the upper middle class men go

broke. All the people in denial, keeping their respective heads down and mouths shut

hoping for things remain "normal" for them, may be in for a mean surprise.

Some will go homeless, jobless, and no income in sight. We will have equality of poverty

when that happens.

Suggestion: Do not create new debt, pay off existing debt, prepare for bad times with

supplies and foodstuffs. The dollar may not be accepted for international trade, so few

to no imports. TPTB are thrashing about wildly at this time and we will see infighting.

Further, the US has imported millions of fighting age men from poor countries, allowing

them to pass through the borders uninhibited. What is their future role supposed to be?

Helpful motto: Get out of the way and chill (protect your family) or, if need be, fight

rather than be overrun. Everybody is different (many boomers too old to be soldiers)

but younger people are capable (maybe) of offensive/defensive actions. Let the boomers

do the cooking and housekeeping work in support. Just ranting today/I am only guessing.

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In consideration of human nature and its propensity to be influenced and manipulated by the 'Dark Side' if not girded by the armor of a true spiritual foundation, I believe that evil began its mission of corruption the day after the Constitution was signed. Evil does not tolerate good and works to destroy it. The struggle has been underway since Eden. What we see today is, unfortunately, not the culmination or end product. It will get much worse.

Some much smarter than me have said that the plans of the Klaus Schwabs and the Davos Boys are hitting a rough patch and are not moving along as well as they have hoped. Panic may be setting in... maybe even a bit of fear... and we now are seeing the increased aggression and willingness to use force to get their way as the result. The entire Covid debacle opened a lot of eyes. Question is, was it too late?

To paraphrase Sun Tzu, the best victory is a battle you didn't have to fight to win. Unless the idiots in D.C. do something that begs a kinetic response, both China and Russia can sit back and let the Washington idiots destroy the US on their own. The satanic lead criminal cabal is doing a bang up job of reducing America to a debilitated state of total despair, impoverishment, and enslavement... cancelled, deplatformed, and run roughshod over... by evil, insane, mental midgets who exist outside the sphere of reality.

I, too, have no loyalty to this illegitimate corrupt criminal cabal that is nothing but an occupying force that lurches from one absurdity to another as it wallows in perversions of every sort. The entire world sees it. All Americans, domesticated, dumbed down, manipulated, and lied to, not so much.

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I’m about to leave to meet a group of conservative friends for lunch. Most of them do not want to discuss hardly any of what is going on. They prefer to keep their heads in the sand and maybe, it will just go away. Most of them still want Trump and believe he will set things right. I think most of them believe that with the next election cycle the pendulum will swing back the other way. It seems that is the way it was, at least to some extent, many years ago but, no more. Most of us here know that there are 2 sides playing for the same team. We know that most of the politicians have sold their souls, and our country out, for nothing more than filthy lucre. The cancerous rot is pervasive on all fronts.

I keep asking myself how long can this country, existing on less than the fumes of the greatest generation can continue? Every aspect of our living is being targeted. Every institution co-opted and compromised. Government, medicine, organized religion. Is there still going to be one big, huge event that changes our monetary system and all that goes with it? Or, do we continue to slide downward, into the abyss, and die the death of 1,000 cuts?

IDK. I’m tired of it all. Being sick the last 2 weeks (finally feeling better) and then reading all the shitty news on a daily basis has had me in not such a great place. But, I’m going to pull up my big boy pants, put on my boots & jeans, and cowboy on! Because that is what we need to do!

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Sure seems that wa. y.

One way or another its going to be a fight. If you can get out of cities now. If you can't don't give up. Start getting to know your neighbors. And remember,

the mind is the greatest weapon .

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I think the error a lot of us make is that we think that the current administration is just floundering around aimlessly, causing damage mostly by mistake. I don't think so, they are working deliberately and diligently to destroy as much of America as possible. You really don't think that destroying our energy industry is because they are worried about carbon dioxide? They are worried that some people may survive their parasite goals. They are actively sterilizing our children, they are giving shots to people that they know will disable or kill them. If you want the source of all this, just think of our parasite class.

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