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Excellent synopsis! I left banks years ago! I have an excellent credit union I belong to.

Yellen is truly pathetic. If you’re going to lie, at least be smooth about it. SLAP! That’s for the hard working peons like me, Jan! Since you f___k me constantly, we should be on a first name basis, right?

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The elephant in the room no one wants to talk about is derivatives. I don't know a lot about derivatives but do know they are basically casino bets made by banks and the current risk exposure is $220 trillion. It can affect every bank. Even the small regional ones. Its all connected like everything else. Everything you read or heard yesterday, today, and tomorrow is all connected in some way. There are no coincidences. Events are marching towards a consolidation and a conclusion that will impact each of us. I suspect that somewhere and at some time there are nations who have already met secretly to discuss what to do about the United States. Citizens in the EU nations are fed up with a leadership who are increasingly viewed as puppets of Washington. I think there will be a decoupling eventually, especially in France and Germany who might even move closer to Russia. Who could blame them? Interesting times.

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Yes of course, TLD, you have called it. We have been in a looting phase for longer

than since 2008, but it was less obvious. The truth is, we are suffering deferred maintenance

of our infrastructure as well as direct theft of our tax $, as well as by any scam for $ that can

be imagined. We are also being poisoned every which way as the food and water is tainted.

Think Detroit. The sky is clouded with chemicals, my pet peeve, stealing our sunshine and

giving us a skim milk sky. The latest "big thing" was the destruction of small business via

the C app. There are 20 other big things we can name, things that are creating chaos and

misery here in the US and around the world. I am pretty sure the country has been first

abandoned, and then actively poised for destruction. Maybe the plan is for the Chinese

.gov to pay the controllers big $ and the "important" people will be so rich with silver and

gold that they can build a mountain of it. Then the Chinese can just move in and take over.

That is one theory to consider. Then the drugs...I read that one "shipment" seized had

enough fentanyl to kill every American twice over. It is difficult not to call the controllers

evil as murder is their game. Some people will snap and will look for revenge/but as every

keystroke is captured/they may be easy to identify. We are not the land of milk and honey,

but rather the land of the broken and retarded and the entitled, demanding that .gov pay

them for existing. The hard working are not allowed to work and create, and every penny

of their fruits are marked for theft from many angles. What a shame. And just how much

more dreadful can things become? Just watch and see.

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Credit Unions are different, “Members Owned”, management is accountable to the members. G7 banking laws allow/state “ in substance” account owners are literally last on the list when attempting to recover their monies,usually Pennie’s on the dollar. Once you deposit YOUR money it’s the banking institutions money to do with as they wish.

Credit Unions being members owned do NOT have to comply with current G7 regulations, unless voting CU members approve such a stupid move.

For our group, small small CU’s are our choice.


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Read a bit of history distilled down to understand how our more recent past

paved the way for our present day nightmare.


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