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You point out in your essay that in order to make money on a movie and to get the recognition from the academy, they must include diversity and wokeness. This is obviously so true. There is not a TV series or, a theatrical movie where there is not a queer couple. Most recently the HBO series 'The Last of Us' dedicated two episodes to the queer crowd -- one with 2 men; the other, with 2 women. If I'm at home, I can turn it off or, fast forward through the filth.

"The Chosen", now going on 4 seasons, was funded and produced totally outside of Hollywood's corrupt system. It has been a huge success by all accounts. At least 50% (or more, hopefully?) is hungry for watching entertainment that is not 'woke'. I think Maverick proved that. This country, in all areas, has been starved of anything patriotic and wholesome that it is longed for by many.

Unfortunately, big time hurt for almost everyone is just around the corner. We are closer now to the collapse of the western financial system than we have ever been. It is all lining up and for those with eyes to see and ears to hear, know its coming. It is only a matter of how much longer the house of cards can stand. We are truly a house divided.

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Wow, TL, I didn't know you were branching out beyond your books to movies/

screen plays and the like. You are passionate about your plans, and I do respect

that, and the fact you are working on counterpoints.

I often think I am swimming in a polluted lake of woke nonsense/filth actually. The TV

sat fallow covered with a cloth for five years and now it is in the garage

for five years. Ten years sans TV, and movies. Theater? We used to go to small venues

and see plays (when we lived in the city) and that was fun/interesting. Now, out in the

sticks/forests really, there are no rep. theaters. I see a TV once in a while, mostly sports

are played, which mostly men enjoy. TV is inane/insane especially the drug commercials,

and same sex people making out on their sofas, and other tasteless crap. I missed the trans

stuff because = no TV for a decade. The push for medications is relentless (the sponsors)

which I detest. Sorry for that rant. Should you produce a film/films worth watching?

I would make the effort to watch them somehow. Good luck to you and God speed.

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You write so beautifully and truthfully! Hollywood, much to everyone's shock, wasn't always a horn-dog, Queer Nation, raping children venue, ethnic worshipping factory. There was a time, when the majority of Hollywood was comprised of every day normal people. Certainly the "underpinings" of stage hands, techs, drivers. Folks wrote scripts, tried to get a current producer/director interested, and get it on film. The films covered real life situations; Science Fiction was just that. No one rewrote history, although they did take some liberties. I go back to my story of Lucille Ball. My mother was driving me around, selling those damned girl scout cookies (I think that I was 9/10), and I knocked on one house in Beverly Hills and LB answered the door! And she bought cookies! My mother later asked why she answered her own door, and LB said the maid was off that day. I sometimes feel like I am as old as methuselah when I tell folks about the Los Angeles that I grew up in. Yes, there was always crime, rapes, murders, queer folks, and child grooming. But it wasn't everywhere, and if it found the light of day-said behavior was squished immediately. My mother said the wheels started coming off in the '60's.

"Funding relies on it. An Oscar can take a film from relative obscurity to a blockbuster, where the big money is, and something no financier will let themselves be excluded from by the nature of the film." Now you know why Mel Gibson does a lot of his own work, John Wick is a successful franchise, and no one will touch "Gone With the Wind". It is all about the money. Always has been and always will be. That is why no one watches the Oscar's anymore. We all know it's a sham and voodoo ceremony about unimportant people and delusional films. I avoid anything Disney like the plague but Netflix, Amazon, and some others do present limited quality shows. Virgin River is a great series-I'm surprised it got made. Bosch was outstanding; great acting, tight scripts, and limited weird folks. Maybe television is an easier leap.

To quote Andrew Torba and many others: we need our own communities. Then we can spring forth. And never secede an inch of territory.

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If a movie were to be made that portrayed factual truth about Jan 6th or any political subject for that matter first I can't imagine how it would be distributed. Second at least half of a potential audience would be unable to recognize & accept it. Too many people have been lied to & propagandized their entire lives. I suspect many would violently reject what those of us on this side of the divide find obvious. In my opinion the cultural tipping point was probably passed sometime in the 1990s

I hate to be a blackpill Bob

And would love to be wrong. I hope you are able to get a project like that done. In fact I would contribute in any way I can . And pray for success.

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I go through a number of news sites each morning. I really should stop doing it because it only makes me angry most of the time and being angry all the time isn't healthy. But we are at war. Not with any foreign power. But with an evil malignancy that has stalked humankind from the beginning. Unfortunately, only the enemy seems to know we are at war. What I will refer to as 'our side' is still floating along in some normalcy bias bubble and only now just waking to the danger it seems. I notice more standing up and pushing back. They will need a constant flow of reinforcements or the dark side will turn and overwhelm them. Its win or die. There is no in-between. There will be no compromise. There will be no mercy shown by the enemy.

T.L., I applaud your efforts. I enjoy reading your thoughts and consider myself to be a fellow traveler going down the same path. But I do believe that its past time that films or movies will help turn the corner and rally the troops, so to speak. This nation is under judgement and it's destruction is nye. The blood on innocents is not only on this nation's hands, its all the way to the elbows! Lies, corruption, and perversions rule the day. Its not even necessary to give examples. All reading this know of what I speak. The rest of the world looks at us and sees the truth while we are blind to the truth ourselves. Well, too many of us, at least. Those who have taken the time to seek the truth see it.

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