China Is Invading America on President Joe Biden’s Watch

The following is a printout of a Goggle search for “Military age Chinese men crossing border into USA”;

americanmilitarynews.com › 2023 › 08Video: Military-age Chinese males entering US through Mexico

The independent journalist discovered that most of the migrants were Chinese males of military age who were migrating to the United States. “A huge amount of Migrants from China coming to the USA from a migrant camp in Panama,” Blue tweeted.

www.foxnews.com › media › reporter-says-filmed reporter says he filmed hundreds of military-age Chinese men ...

Video shows hundreds of military-age Chinese men headed towards US Muckraker.com founder Anthony Rubin discusses the Chinese migrants crossing the Darien Gap. A reporter...

thenewamericanist.com › why-are-thousands-of why Are Thousands Of Military Age Chinese Men Suddenly ...

he Customs and Border Protection Agency apprehended 1,862 Chinese nationals trying to cross the US-Mexico border during the last quarter of 2022, according to numbers provided by Customs and Border Protection. Just 229 migrants were seized from the southern border during those same months in 2021.

nextnewsnetwork.com › 2023/04/20 › revealed-massive revealed: Massive Invasion by Chinese Military-Age Men ...

The ongoing crisis of Chinese nationals of military age illegally crossing the southern border into the United States is making headlines across the country. According to Fox News, there has been a 900% surge in encounters with Chinese migrants at the southern border, with over 4,200 Chinese nationals apprehended in 2023 alone – more than ...

www.newsweek.com › china-military-personnel-usIs China Sneaking Military Personnel into the U.S. Via Border ...

Public data from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency shows 2023 has seen a spike in encounters of Chinese nationals at the southern land border compared to the previous...

www.n4mation.org › news › 2023/04/20Chinese Invasion: Reporter says he filmed hundreds of ...

A reporter released a new video that appears to show hundreds of military-aged Chinese men in Panama heading toward the U.S. border. Muckraker.com founder Anthony Rubin said on “Fox & Friends First” Wednesday that every day, multiple times a day, groups of men are lining up and getting on buses to continue their journeys.

americanmilitarynews.com › 2023 › 04Thousands of Chinese illegally entering US at southern border

April 21, 2023 Chris Kirkman A growing number of Chinese nationals are illegally entering the United States through the U.S.-Mexico border, U.S. Customs and Border Protection


Epoch TV show “Over the Target” of September 28, 2023 with host Lee Smith interviewing Retired Colonel Derek Harvey.

A short summary of the show is;

”Among the millions of illegal immigrants crossing the border, one demographic stands out—military-age Chinese men with the same haircuts, tattoos, and clothes. Former U.S. intelligence official Derek Harvey tells Over the Target that these intruders are part of a special Chinese Communist Party military unit.”.

Imagine the damage that hundreds, if not thousands, of ‘Chinese military forces’ can do to our infrastructure and beyond because they don’t have to come here, they are already here and just waiting for orders.

These people are being ‘processed’ and allowed into America and everyone seems to know about it except our elected officials who took an ‘oath of office’ to prevent exactly what is happening yet they do nothing.

Because we don’t know what is going on restricts us to speculation.

Some, a few, might speculate that surely the government is constantly monitoring them and that they know exactly who and where these Chinese men are but if this is true it still would not account for those that have crossed the border without Border Patrol knowledge.

Most of us will speculate that President Joe Biden is so compromised by the Chinese Communist Party that he will allow an invasion of America by the Chinese military and order anyone trying to stop it to ‘stand down’.

All of those in government and elsewhere, that have taken the oath of office and that know about the Chinese military crossing our southern border and are doing nothing, meet the definition of ‘traitor’ and should be treated as such.

James Sarafin

October 1, 2023.

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Oct 2, 2023Liked by T.L. Davis

Most powerful words TL. And sadly they are so true. When our captain can't find his way off of a stage or utter a coherent sentence, we can clearly see the end is near.

Then to step further back and see line officers like Fetterman, AOC, Sheila Jackson Lee, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck E Cheese Schumer, and other lesser known but equally evil notables, do we see that our leaders are true mental midgets. Or they are just evil.

Stepping back even further, we see that the real problem is us! We put them there long ago and allowed ourselves to be duped by thinking we have a constitution and live by the rule of law that will right these wrongs.

We're in a rip current taking us further out to sea and now that we realize that the forces of wind and waves stop of from going back to shore.

Our ship, the USS AMERICA is taking on water and is sinking and at the point of no return.

Our last words before we go down are TINVOWOOT!

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I think Bloomberg was one, but I can't remember the resst.

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