Amen, brother. But I didn't notice a change in tone, just seemed maybe a bit more direct. We should all keep in mind the corrupt FBI is almost certainly monitoring us, so we should be cautious about being too direct. You say you're American first and citizen second, and I think I understand the distinction, but our problem really transcends nationalities. The illegals down in the Home Depot parking lot have as much reason to become more direct as anyone else. Your tone applies to everyone, everywhere.

First order of business might be to get you some better clothes. You don't appear to be ready to fight effectively. Especially in cold weather. Hard times require preparation. And I don't know what's in that can you're holding, but I recommend everyone maintain their focus. Hard times require clear thinking.

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I asked Jim Quinn to post this great article over at The Burning Platform.


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Dec 25, 2022Liked by T.L. Davis


Caution indeed, (Watson is surely joking) caution all the way, and meanwhile,

"Do not comply". Merry Christmas and wishing us a Happy New Year.

Best Regards to all,


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Remember that "Technology" Exceeds our broadly held awareness & reality. The Corruption & Treason also Exceeds our Current Realities. "The War" currently underway also is Deeper than most will admit, as it's very uncomfortable. It Will Get Worse, because It is Agreed by the Majority & Tyrants as well as Patriots that It Must Get Worse. I also Agree It Must Get Worse, before the dice are rolled in this Game.

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