There are better ways than wrecking it. It can be repaired. *Will* be repaired. But if others choose to wreck it, we should be prepared for the collapse of civilization. We only fail if we continue our complacency.

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A part of the reason we don't have the massive protests like we are seeing in Brazil is because White people have been driven out of the cities and scattered. This was done deliberately to make it difficult for Whites to organize and exhibit political clout. It was orchestrated by the jews and many protestant groups who were angry that Catholics were forming voting blocks. Not all protestants since the protests against integration in the South were mostly protestant-based. When White Catholics in Boston and White Protestants in the South protested against forced busing and forced integration, the govt call out armed troops against them. It is a shame to America to see soldiers standing behind a group of husbands and housewives with their guns drawn, although in one picture the one of the soldiers is pointing his rifle at the sky, rather than at the people. Now, the major cities are infesting with blacks and hispanics and yes, asians, who despise White people and vote against us in huge, often fraudulent, blocks. As another cheerful not, there are 8 million chinese students here now. How many of them are nothing more than chinese soldiers and spies, and you can bet they will have access to plenty of firearms should the shtf. The chinese consider that any city that has a certain number of chinese in it to be a 'dragon city' so you can imagine how many American cities the chinese think they own now.

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Yes, here we are, in the outer limits of a big cesspool. One peaceful solution,

a saying NO! to the system, would have been a refusal to vote. We could have

shown our disdain by refusing to participate in a rigged and dishonest process.

All the assaults, past and present, you mentioned in your essay are valid. Pretend

for a moment we are characters in a dystopian novel because we are. The "system"

is in it's death throes and lashing out against us. Some peeps want to keep pretending

"we will go back to normal" given the right representatives to correct course. They are

in a suicidal loop and conforming will give them their wish. The enemies we face are

looting the USA with every fraud they can dream up. There is no regard for ROL, and

it is sadistic in nature, and destruction is the name of the game. We as a "country" are

functionally bankrupt. We, as a nation, are morally bankrupt as well, and likely are

loathed by the world populations as they wake up to the fallout they will suffer as a

result. Will we have WW3 to "cover it up"? Will we have civil war 2.0 to distract and

put us into a living hell? I can not see my countrymen as the enemy and be induced

to fire upon them. No way. I am engaged in an effort to disengage. I say NO! to

taking my frustration with it all out on groups of "others". Many of the others have

been coached hard to hate fellow Americans and blame them for their discontent.

Many woke up to this after 9/11 and that maneuver to "go after the terrorists".

At our home we wept. We knew who the real enemies were and began to plan for

inevitable outcomes. We understand now, as it all played out, the depth of depravity

we are witnessing now, full blown and out in the open. The people have been demoralized

and it will get worse. We are told, in speeches and proclamations, intended laws and rules,

that they will install a beast system and have total control over us and all we do. This

all sounds like hell on earth. Who are these people playing God with everyone's lives and

what right do they have to do so? They do not have any rights to do so. Say NO! and

disengage lest God views us as collaborators. Wake up people, take control of yourselves.

Tip: Start today = get out of debt and stay out of debt, as debt fuels the banking system.

Live well below your means and gain a bit more physical control. Good luck to all.

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Sometime when one of those govt. parasites stands behind a podium talking about how "democracy is under threat" by Americans having a different opinion on things, I would dearly love a 'reporter' to ask the parasite to define democracy. My guess is they can't. The word 'democracy' is just another word the Marxists have commandeered and weaponized. Democracy is mob rule. The majority can step all over the minority unimpeded and without accountability. Who would want that? Well, the Marxists would. America was never founded to be a democracy. We, here ,already know that. Unfortunately millions of Americans don't know that and likely never will. I wonder lately if its just a waste of time to even have a conversation about how "they" aren't adhering to the Constitution when "they" don't give a crap about the document, never did, and never will thanks to our 'stellar' education system that was turned against freedom and liberty and all things good about the Republic those of us of diminishing numbers loved, fought for in our youth, and cared about. No, I'm not pessimistic. I am realistic. The landscape is changing and we must decide how we influence the change to have a hospitable place in what evolves or we will have no place.

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Good Post, cross posted , shared. Hopefully we get more citizens awakened in time. It's not wasted effort though it can seem that way, Jst keep communicating !!!

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