National character is determined by its people, and the American people have lost a lot of our traditional character, both by dilution and by being spoiled by our successes. Things were going pretty well, regardless, until we suffered an attack that turned out to be the president's kryptonite -- a virus frightens a germaphobe more than traditional threats. With the leadership in retreat, it delivered opportunity to seditious enemies, foreign and domestic, to incite panic and gain control. Desmet's "Totalitarianism" explains it pretty well. But most of us are already shaking off the hysteria, Desmet's "mass formation," and have returned to normal, with a strong reaction likely to produce a strong recovery. We'll see if it's working in November.

The stock markets are a laboratory of human nature. A correction, where panic causes excessive selling drives prices down sharply, is considered healthy, clearing the field of accumulated complacency so renewed activity can proceed. This always drives the markets to new highs. The 2020-22 correction in our moral character gives us the opportunity for renewed cultural progress. We still might screw it up, but the trend looks positive.

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Sometimes something is so ridiculous that even Ray Charles could have seen it. Such was the case with 'The Vegetable' awarding those Medals just to those who had supported him. It was like a pig awarding other pigs an award for cleanliness. My respect for Denzel Washington sure went up! A person can love their country while hating their government. With what we have there is a lot to hate.

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I believe the title of your great essay is what the whole world is asking these days, as with a few exceptions, the people here are still in lockstep and most of those who know better are deeply risk-averse, and loath to take a public stand. My Facebook post on July 4th stated:

"Coming soon: the OAS passes a resolution forbidding USians from calling themselves Americans after Biden holds a Summit of the Americas and refuses to invite Nicaragua, Venezuela and Cuba."

(It was wishful thinking on my part.) Credit for the word "USians" goes to my late friend Stan Gildersleeve, who used it for that precise reason, decades ago.

Thank you for calling out the cowardice of our lack of organized action in support of the January 6th defendants. Thank you for supporting the truckers' convoy, which inspired all of us who came to Sacramento to meet them.

I continue to believe that we here in the US are the linchpin to stopping the global depopulation agenda, but only if we assert ourselves in some way, at some point, before the window of opportunity closes on us forever. Whether this takes the form of violent revolution, simple noncompliance, or exiting the system and building self-organizing collectives as PMAs (Private Membership Associations), religious, anarchist or other collectives, it must be done and as I said, the world is waiting for us to do it.

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Until there is some normal control over the schools, government, and media, this destruction of America will continue. I remember the brainwashing I received in my childhood and early adulthood from these sources, and how it too me years to gradually break free of it. Probably what helped save me was that I was always a reader so I was exposed to more sources of information than most of the young people are today. When I did break free finally, it came in a rush, and now there's no going back. Getting children out of schools and educating them at home will certainly help, as well as turning off the television and tossing it into the trash. It appalls me at how ignorant people are today, how little they know about the most basic aspects of how our government should be run or even our history. A sizeable number of college students know nothing about the Civil War or even know there was a WW1. How can people this ignorant be considered capable of making important decisions as regards voting?

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Steve Deace has a daily show on BlazeTV, available free on rumble.com. Friday's show included an epic rant where a viewer commented on a previous discussion on why Turkey is in NATO. The viewer explained that Turkey controls the Bosporous and therefore Russian warm water ports. Steve responded that Putin is less of a threat to him than corrupt Joe, and described a litany of abuses heaped on us by the dems and their disciples. Steve is always entertaining and often enlightening. His strategy is to be "ungovernable" by resisting fascist dictates. We'll win, eventually, but it will take longer if we remain complacent. If you want to win, convince your family and friends, especially those who don't want to be convinced.

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This doesn't have much to do with this article, at least on the surface, but I think you people might be interested in looking at this link: https://www.zeemaps.com/view?group=4410859&x=-89.849631&y=44.059004&z=14

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