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Darkness is a Cruel Ally

The Globalist's Trojan Presidency

Where's America's Conor McGregor?

America and the Fourth Political Theory

Whose National Security?

Possible Doesn't Mean Rational

When the Truth Hurts, Lie

Coalesce or Die

The Will

Simple As That

When It Gets Bad Enough

Consequences of American Communism

The Late Hour of Our Republic

A Time of Lawlessness

A Time-Honored American Ideal

Childish and Criminally Stupid

Close the Border

Consequences of Cowardice

The Brink of Lexington

They Are That Evil

Societal Looters

Shedding the Republic

Engineering the Wreckage

A Crisis of Truth


The Veil of National Security

Opposition to Everything

Last Boat Out of Norfolk

The Burden of Authority

The Tyranny of Authority

What's in a Song?

No to Economic Slavery

Elections Are Dangerous

Cinco de 'Merica

Our Nightmare is Their Utopia

Audio Books-Help

Wartime Consiglieri Part II

Wartime Consiglieri

Government Belligerence

Treason as Policy

A Chaotic and Dangerous Time

The Path to Antiquity


The Heist Will Be Televised


Societal Break


A Failed State

The Bigger Issues

The Case for Secession

Betrayal, Once More


Know Thy Enemy

Those Who Speak for the Earth

According to Plan

Paying For It

That Bloody Line

Collateral Damage

A Matter of Solvency

Suicidal Culture of Corruption

Generational Time Bomb

Ruled by the Mad

Existential Economics

A Means of Control

Damn You All!

Perfect Storm

The Only War

The Abyss

Spit in the Eye of Big Banks

Rejecting the Bureaucratic Dictatorship


Be Offended

Injustice of the Court

Waiting for Armageddon

The Enemy Within


On Which Hill?

If Not War, Then What?

The Contemptible Leading the Inept

We're Gonna Lose

Traitorous Swine

The Apostles of Beria

Normalizing Servitude

Absurdity of Reason

Evil Bastards

Rebellion Against the People