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Greed, Power and the Tantalizing Acceptance of Wokeism

This White Boy

A Matter of Will

The Past is No More

An Epoch of Insanity

Jump the Curb

Of Substations and Homosexuality

Let There Be Flames

This Mess is Democracy

No Vaxx In Our Products


Very Simply, NO!

Prison or Ashes


Do Something

The Consequence of Hubris

They'll Nuke It Instead


Suicide by Obedience

It's In These Battles

Death and Incineration

Mangled Experiments of the Psychotics

An important addendum to the last post

Talking to the Dead

Reviving the 19th Century

Novels and Why They're Important

The Evil That Inhabits Their Hearts

It's How It's Done

Normalizing Systemic Terrorism

For the Sake of Delusion

Such A Creature

A Sinking Ship?

Terror of the Unknown

Out of Outrage

The Squirm and Slither News

Looters of the American Dream

The System

It Has To Crash

Compliance is Treason

Lost in the Transaction

Where Is America?

Right is Wrong; Good is Bad

When the Gig is Up

Of Mice and Men

Not From Want Alone


The Tide is Turning

The Garden

Fight For It

The Purpose is Everything

Losing the Future

The Finer Distinctions

Statistics of the Fall

If You Liked the Lockdowns, You're Gonna Love the Future.

Prepping the Mind

Daily Battles

Fascism Comes to America

The Lost Art of Americansim

The New Game

The Intimate Communist

Texas TL in Exile Ep 19

Slavery or Victory?

The Nation in a Vice

America's Roman Moment

The Price of Patriotism

Texas TL in Exile Ep 18

The Doorstep of History

Mayorkas' Sword

Texas TL in Exile Ep 17

The Convoy's Purpose

Texas TL in Exile Ep 16

Trucker Interview

When is the End the End?

The Lead Truck Arriving at Hagerstown

Brian Brase, Organizer of the People's Convoy

A Lesson in Ukraine

Texas TL in Exile Ep 15: Michael Yon

Eric Greitens

An Inspiring Message

The Second Verse

A Day on the Overpass

Amarillo and Beyond

Convoy of Blessings

Old America On Display in Convoy

Interview From the Road

Texas TL in Exile Ep 14

Texas TL in Exile Ep 13

Rally Point

Texas TL in Exile Ep 12


Imprisonment In Place

The Air of Despotism

Texas TL in Exile Audio Ep 11

Texas TL in Exile Ep 11

Big Questions

Texas TL in Exile Ep 10

Machinery of Communism

Cracks in a Towering Façade

Texas TL in Exile Ep 9

The Most Dangerous Time

Texas TL in Exile Ep 8

Inflection Point

Worse Than War

Coming soon

My Response to Carhartt

Blitzkrieg Survivors

Texas TL in Exile Ep 7

Texas TL in Exile Ep 6

Degenerate Fools

Texas TL in Exile Ep 5

The Light Show

Some Inspiration

Texas TL in Exile Ep 4 (audio)